About us

About us

Stroina transmissions company

During the years we developed a complete program of drive technique, which includes: helical gear units, worm gear units, helical worm gear units, planetary gear units, variable speed drives, Screw Jack, TA-STA gear units, modified gear units, flexible coupling and our latest line of new generation drives helical shaft mounted gear units (FG), Helical bevel gear units (KG), Helical worm gear units (SG), Helical gear units (ZG).

why us

what makes us competitive

Highly qualified staff, constant equipment updating, technology and quality improvement by using up to date technology, achievements and modern materials, make us recognizable and competitive in drive technique market.

Our production capacities

Our production capacities include modern high productive machines, which enable us to achieve high quality production with large series. 

Our customer service

Regardless of whether we mass-produce for you, deliver popular models on short-term notice, or manufacture individualized single components according to your specifications – we are consistently working on optimizing our customer-oriented service.

Our R&D

About our research and development departments

Our research and development department is constantly working on new products of drive technique, closely cooperating with institutes, foreign partners and faculties. We are constantly looking in the future in order to offer modern and efficient gear units to our customers, in order to ensure us a leading position along with the biggest world manufacturers of drive technique.

We are always happy to answer any questions, contact us here