Planetary gear units

About Planetary gear units

Planetary-gear units are small and light. They can transmit great power in achieve high ratios. They are used where is little space with or without driving motor, feet or flange mounted in 8 different sizes.

Size: 1 – 8
i=3,4 to 2000
Mt2= 150 to 14000 Nm

Managing is possible with help of frequency regulation power:
P= 0, 75 do 132 kW.

Planetary gear units are designed in 8 sizes, which can be easily assembled into multistage drive (modular construction). Flanges are made out of cast iron, hollow gears (internal gears), which essentially form the gear housing are made out of stainless steel. All other gears are cemented and polished. Entry and exit shaft are hardened and polished. Gear is rounded and we can mount it on flange or feet. We can also use torque arm, combined with feet and flange, and much more on customer demand.

Gear can be composed of any number of levels, depending on gear ratio.