High torque parallel gearboxes

High torque parallel gearboxes

The new range of universal parallel shaft gearboxes sets a new standard in the market, having adequate sizing which ensures constant and optimum reliability in the toughest working conditions. This range is an effective response to the power transmission needs of medium-heavy and heavy industry. To complete the range, we also made the same gearboxes with long centre distances. The increased load capacity of cylindrical gears and bearings has reduced the size of gearboxes in the market, reducing the shaft centre distance between input and output. With this new line of drives you are free to apply the electric motor and your application from the same side, without sacrificing the strength that sets them apart forever.

Ratio: Min 1/1,11 – Max 1/801

Torque (Nm): Min 1400 – Max 692000

Power (Kw): Min 0,72 – Max 9308


Drawing No.725.130.398

FG RXP3 V 806 ECE ARB N M1.pdf


Drawing No:725.130.748:

FGRXP2 814 A ECE N M1.pdf

Operating Manual